Steven Weisberg

Security Consultant for both Residential and Commercial Security

I provide expert consultations for burglary and fire security systems as well as home automation and camera surveillance systems to both residential and commercial customers in New Jersey and New York. There are some very unique things that I do for my customers that no one else does!

Please contact me at 732-735-7449

Home Heating Oil Field Sales Consultant

As a leader in home heating oil, we work hard to keep you satisfied. Family-owned and operated for the past 90 years, Slomin's continues to provide the same caring and attentive home heating oil service that families like yours have enjoyed for generations.

The efficiency of our operations allows us to offer fixed price oil contracts that can save you hundreds of dollars each year and saves you from the stress of paying cash on delivery for every shipment.

The most cost-effective way to ensure warmth all winter long is with a Slomin’s service contract. These contracts cover parts and labor for most heating equipment crises. And with our knowledge of heating equipment and service vehicles that literally act as rolling warehouses, we save you time. After all, we can quickly identify problems with equipment and immediately replace parts straight from our trucks. This allows us to provide service speedy enough to return you to warmth with as little as inconvenience as possible!


Dance Instructor and Performer